Camael Sunwrought

A morally-troubled theologian in Everton Monastery


Ability Scores:
10 Strength
9 Dexterity
10 Constitution
13 Intelligence
19 Wisdom
13 Charisma

Other Scores:
Level: 1
Class: Cleric (Undeath and Planning domains)
Race: Lesser Aasimar (second stat block, original source is The Player’s Guide to Faerun, pg. 191)
HP: 8
AC: 15
Touch AC: 9
Flat-Footed AC: 16 (lol)
Fort. Save: +2
Reflex Save: -1
Will Save: +6
BAB: +0
Grapple Mod: +0


Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: None
Appearance: A slim humanoid in his mid-twenties with shoulder-length silver hair and golden pupils.

Camael comes from a long line of Aasimar priests, clerics, and theologians in Everton. In fact, most of the Sunwrought clan (which takes its name from the belief that Elisium’s Aasimar descend from the sun god Pelor) are either members of the clergy for, or are fervently devoted to, Pelor or another good-aligned deity. Camael’s father is a priest of Pelor, and it had always been assumed that his son would also become one. Thus, he has been learning at the monastery from an early age.

However, Camael suffers from prosopagnosia, or faceblindness, meaning he has trouble recognizing faces of others. Because of this, despite being charismatic, he preferred to deal with only those he knew well enough to identify using nonfacial clues. For most of his childhood, that group was limited to his parents and the monatery’s clergy. Then, in one of his classes at age 10, he met Forcae. Forcae was another Aasimar, a sweet, sociable girl that began talking to Camael. And fortunately, her distinctive long, lavender hair meant Camael could actually recognize her. Forcae was Camael’s first true friend, and as they grew older together, his first love. But at the age of 17, Forcae contracted a mysterious disease and died a quick, peaceful death. Camael’s world was shattered.

Following Forcae’s death, Camael began questioning his every belief. Ultimately, this questioning led him to abandon his faith and focus on divine magic. He had always been more interested in the the magical properties of his religion than the dogma, so the change came somewhat naturally. Camael began voraciously researching necromancy and divination, hoping that he could one day bring Forcae back to him or see what awaited him in the future, so he could be better prepared than he was for Forcae’s death. After graduating from the monastery, he joined the staff there as a theologian so he could continue his research.

Camael is now 24. While he has not fully moved on from the death of Forcae, he has learned much. His goals have led him to train himself to become a cleric, and his ingenuity and ability to charge his spells with positive energy make him a powerful, if inexperienced, one. Camael is now torn morally between the inherent evil of necromancy and his desire for the power to bring back his love and his sense of chivalry that his good-aligned upbringing, environment, race, and former faith have imbued in him. Only time will tell how this cloistered, scarred cleric will fare outside the monastery’s walls.

Camael Sunwrought

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