Land of Elisium


Today, the Elven girl that Xytan was carrying awoke. She was sassy and did not provide much information; we resolved to allow her to join us on our venture. We entered a third clearing today (what an odd forest). The clearing was filled with 30 pedestals with 30 clay jars of a clear liquid and a pathway in the middle (rows of three by 5). At the back of the clearing was a large door with a stone head crudely chiseled into it. We offered the clear liquid from random jars into the mouth of the head – they all appeared identical. After Xytan got zapped when the stone head fired it’s lazaa, we learned a clue – gold. Camael proceeded to create a creature to aid us in carrying offerings and trying different jars. Each jar caused a different event – icicles, jets of water, earth elements and fire lasers. Eventually we had obtained the clues of gold, sticky and sweet. Luckily, we remembered that Xytan had a bottle of honey in his pack. We offered honey from a jar, which turned into an oily substance with smoky tendrils fuming from it to the mouth, but it only drained it. Then we tried mixing honey with liquid which had the same effect. Finally, we deposited a spoon full of honey into each remaining jar. One of them turned golden rather than an oily black, so we offered that. The door opened and allowed us to pass. Caine picked up 2 rocks and 3 pebbles. Through the sides of the doors, Father John discovered a pathway that led through to the entrance. Fortunate if we need to return this way.

We continued on our journey and encountered a hobo, which Camael fed generously. As we continued walking we met another, fed him, continued and met more – each looking more and more fed than before. We learned that the hobo had once been a fisherman, and was kicked out of the port up the road. Xytan offered him panties to eat, which he devoured quickly. Next he devoured a fishing pole, though Xytan tried to stop him. Eventually, Caine tried to lull the man to sleep, but the man stole his flute and started eating it. Caine flew into a fit of rage and killed the man, forcing the flute through his throat, breaking his spine. Arya, the newcomer, tried to clean the flute off, but it was too broken and no materials were had to repair it. Eventually we continued on our way and met a fisherman by a pond. We then learned that the hobo on that road was a mimic. After this, we found ourselves at the gates of the port. We entered, obtained a map from the guards and ventured to the mayor’s. We had two doors and three guards. One door meant death, the other meant life. When trying to figure out which one to choose, we asked the guards for aid. Arya decided on the left door when Camael and Caine heard a judgement from His Holiness, saying that the right door was the answer. They proceeded and were kept unharmed. Next were two hallways. We chose the right corridor, which many of us spot checked to ensure there were no traps…

We go fishing!

As the group continues on its quest, they procede though the forest. as the reach the next clearing, Camael notices the the grass is cut into an A. we then find that blue grass is fine to eat. We see that there are 5 paths leading from the clearing, the one we just came from, one to the north, one to the northeast, one to the west and one to the southwest. we explore the all of the paths execpt the northern one. we spend the day turning dnd into minecraft in order to retrive a shiny thing for the bottom of a pond fill with decoder electric eels. Xytan breaks a tree, makes a crafting table and makes a fishing rod. soon there is a pile of dead eels on the side of the clearing (Xytan fished for a while). we then get the object and read the clue on it:

The Letter, You already know
I feel, It is the letter,
at the begging of eel!

We also may or may not have found a woman who maybe is or is not clothed covering burns. we find more answers to the puzzles as we fight snakes, and get this clue from them;

Look, you found me,now im here,
no need to worry, now my dear,
A letter you seek, the one from me,
is the one I fell out of,
from the begging of tree.

The gang also gets startled by giant bees (there are quite a few of them). Then Xytan gets raped by a mimic and father john kills the mimic. We ended the meeting waiting for this questionably clothed woman to awaken before heading on the northern path.

The Heroes Begin
Meeting 1

Our hero Xytan ’Sraom was brought in with critical wounds. Father John calls in Brother Caine and Camael Sunwrought to heal him. Once healed, Xytan ’Sraom realizes that his axe, money and rations have been stolen. Father John then falls down and has a vision:

These are the heroes you have found.
That will take the treasure to a different ground.
It is the time for you to learn.
What the mist freezes, and what it burns.
You will go with them to Griffendale.
Through ports, through storms, through sand and hail.
Once this hard ordeal is through,
Adventurers shall be you.

The heroes decided to go to Griffendale through Caravel Port to deliver the Orb of Mist. Before they left they stopped off at the General Store for rations and The Smith where they bought some horse shoes and learned of The Smith Incident and whore shoes. The alerted the mayor of their soon to be absence and they get a letter to the mayor of Caravel Port. The heroes then proceed to fight a dangerous army of wolves as they enter the woods. Father John shoots some misfired magic missiles, heals the team while the team takes the most damage and deals the damage as well. Xytan ’Sraom has the The Wolf-Tree Incident. After a long and grueling fight with lots of hackery, the team wins. They find a dryad in a tree who reads the tablet they found. It said:

As the first clue,
to begin your tale,
the letter you need,
is the first of whale.

This then concluded the meeting.

The Making of The Portal
Meeting 0

The Making of the Portal.

In this part of our adventure, Marcus, The Mutter in the Mist attempts to make a new Obsidian Portal for our heroes. He watched all the instructional videos added all the character information he had and was able to even put in a few spoilers for our heroes. While this meeting was purely with himself, he was able to entertain himself by watching old episodes of House while eating various candy. We all know that everyone in the Campaign appreciates what he has done, and they are looking forward to their first real meeting.


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